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Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are a form of one-way radio, allowing parents to hear their children from several rooms away. This allows adults to be sure that their children are safe, and notify them when there is something going wrong. With technology improving rapidly, manufacturers are using these advances to improve the functionality of their monitors. They are using new technologies to not only determine if the child is making noise, but if they are moving, and some have wireless video to allow you to watch your child.

These items have been popular for a number of years, due to the low costs, and high level of efficiency they provide. They allow parents to remain several rooms away while their children are sleeping, and perform other activities such as sleeping, that they have been recently deprived of. While these items won't directly protect children, it may reassure parents that there are no problems. They have not been proven to prevent infant deaths, however they do allow parents to possibly prevent breathing problems by keeping them updated with the health of their baby.

Potential problems with these products include interrupting the small amount of sleep parents get, and they may also disrupt the baby's sleep if you are continually walking into the room. While these monitors can provide safety to your child, they may affect your health in negative ways. Determine which one could be right for you, and test it. Otherwise, there may be even more sleepless nights.

Types of Baby Monitors

Automobile Video
Automobile video monitors are a simple way of checking on your child in the back seat, without turning your head and endangering yourself, and every other person driving around you.

Breathing monitors have not been statistically proven to do anything to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, but do provide some parents with peace of mind.

Car Video
Car monitors provide parents with the flexibility to keep an eye on their children even while they are driving.

A color monitor comes in a variety of styles.

Digital monitors give you eyes and ears on your baby at all times.

Digital Video
A digital video monitor keeps your eye on the baby at all times.

Heart monitors can be found in doctors offices, and can now be purchased for home use. While slightly expensive, they give parents peace of mind, and a glimpse of the future with just a few sounds.

Heartbeat monitors can be found in doctors offices, and can now be purchased for home use. While slightly expensive, they give parents peace of mind, and a glimpse of the future with just a few sounds.

Infrared Thermometer
Infrared thermometers are the most advanced, and possibly accurate form of thermometer the world has ever seen. They can read temperature with the wave of a hand, without even touching the skin.

Intelligent monitors offer the best and newest technology.

Intelligent Video
An Intelligent video monitor is larger than other video monitors on the market.

Intercoms allow parents to not only know when their children are upset from many rooms away, but to try and comfort them without actually entering the room.

Monitor Video
Baby monitors with video are becoming more standard for families across America because they are becoming even more affordable. They also provide parents with the ability to see, hear, and talk to their infants from many rooms away.

Multiple Room
A multiple room baby monitor has multiple channels and can monitor multiple rooms at the same time.

Portable Video
The phillips LCD baby monitor is a high quality baby monitor that prevents interference so you can monitor your baby clearly.

Baby thermometers have taken many forms over the years, but all of them will be accurate enough to determine if your child is sick or not, and allow you to decide whether or not they should visit the doctor.

There are various video monitor models that all have different features.

A wireless baby monitor is convenient for a parent who needs to move from room to room while monitoring their baby.

Wireless Color Video
You can find wireless color video monitor models at various stores and online used or new.

Wireless Video
A wireless video monitor is very important to have if you want to monitor your baby as you move from room to room in your home.

Baby Monitor Brands

There are three basic Graco baby monitor models for you to choose from.

Fisher Price
The Fisher Price models are high quality baby monitors that work well for any family.

Phillips models are high quality baby monitors that have clear sound.

Phillips LCD
The phillips LCD baby monitor is a high quality baby monitor that prevents interference so you can monitor your baby clearly.

Safety 1st
There are various Safety 1st models to work with your needs and budget.

Safety 1st Video
Safety 1st makes high quality baby monitors that will allow you to always see your baby.

There are various Sony baby monitor models that are designed for clear sound.

A SIDS baby monitor alerts you when your baby starts to breathe irregularly.

There are numerous summer baby monitors that all have different features.









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