Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike

Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike

Open or close any swinging door automatically with the press of a remote button. The Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike turns any inward- or outward-swinging left- or right-hand door into an automated door, and it even comes with an electric strike for security or privacy. The Swing Door Opener w/Electric Strike may require professional installation. What's Included # Slider bracket screws # Solid strike plate # Mounting plate # Door opener assembly # Door arm # Mounting hardware # Armature plate # Power transformer # Handheld transmitter # Instructions # Electric strike # Contact wire # Mounting hardwar A variety of modes are available for operation. In Open/Close Mode, two remote buttons will open the door, and the other two will close it. If you have two doors set up, you can use the same remote to control both. In Toggle Mode, you'll enjoy one-button operation. By activating the remote, the door will either open or close, depending on its current position. When Timer Mode is selected, you'll activate the remote to open the door, and the door will close automatically after it has been opened for a specific period of time. You may change the timer setting from 10 seconds up to 50 seconds, in 10-second intervals. You can even install a Keypad Transmitter to open the door using a pass code instead of the handheld remote. A handheld keychain remote is also available to control the Swing Door Opener. During power failure, the door can still be opened or closed manually. An obstacle detection feature is built-in to this automatic door opener, so that when an obstacle is detected in the path of an opening or closing door, the door opener will stop to avoid serious injury. As an added security feature, the closing speed decreases as the door reaches its fully closed position. Manual opening and closing is possible with this automatic door system installed. For added security install the Swing Door Opener w/Magnetic Lock, which comes with an electromagnetic lock that will prevent the door from opening without the remote.

Price: $262.99
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