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Camping Advice and Tips

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Just as summers come along, many families will head for the outdoors to the national parks and forests. You've probably got a few years of camping experience under your belt, but the best way to guarantee a good time for everyone is to plan ahead carefully and follow commonsense safety precautions. Here's a list of safety advice and tips to help ensure a fun and exciting camping experience.

Summers mean being out in the sun, so you need to make sure you stay safe avoid sun exposure or heat stroke. Be adequately prepared by drinking and carrying plenty of water and take frequent breaks when exposed to high temperatures. Remember summer may also be a time of sudden wind shifts, lightning flashes and changing weather conditions. Bring a portable radio to stay current with important news about the weather.

You also need to bring extra gear you may need. Things like a flashlight, extra batteries, matches, a map of where you are, flares, sun tan lotion, first-aid kit, extra sunglasses, caps, sturdy footwear, extra water and food.

You must inform close friends or family about where it is that you are going. Furnish information like who you are gong with and for how long. In case of the unknown, there would be people looking for you if you do not return on your intended date.

It's always advantageous to check your vehicle, boat, equipment, boat balance, engine and fuel supply before leaving-your chances of getting assistance in the great outdoors are minimal. It's also a good idea to be well-versed with your automotive gear.

If you happen to be enjoying a nice dip in a lake, remember to swim in designated and supervised areas only. Also, obey all rules and posted signs that are put out. They are for your own convenience and wellbeing.

Do not mix alcohol and swimming. Alcohol is capable of disabling your sense of judgment and hindering your motor skills. You need to be in complete possession of your faculties in the water. Additionally, alcohol diminishes the body's ability to stay warm.

You need to be wary of local weather conditions and forecasts and should pay attention to them at all times. It is best to stop swimming the moment you sense inclement weather. If there happens to be lightning flashes then duck for cover and stay out of harm's way.

Camp life can be made enjoyable by learning the ropes and this confidence can come only after some great deal of experience out in the woods. Hopefully these camping tips and advice will help make camping adventures more fun.

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