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Crime Prevention Tips for Home and Away

Note every possible point of information regarding strangers who enter your house. For example, if someone comes to your home or apartment and says that they are collecting money for the local charity. Take their information and call the particular fundraising event to confirm the happenings. Do not open the door fully for new faces.

Never give out personal information over the phone, such as your date of birth, personal phone number or social insurance number. Avoid sharing your pin or I.D. number on your bank or credit card, especially if someone is claiming to be from a bank or financial institute. If there is a concern, call or go into your bank for further inquiries. Never carry your social security card, if gone in wrong hands might destroy credit ratings. Always carry a backpack for loose items you have to carry. Do not aver load your hands with packages or any type of tempting items for buglers.

Beware of tempting free offers to fix roofs, driveways, etc. Research the market properly if you do need such services.

Contact your neighbors to arrange to collect your daily mail and newspapers to avoid giving the impression of an empty home. You should also keep your neighbors well informed about your departure and arrival so during that period your neighbors or relatives might keep a watchful eye on the house.

A good security system can detect for you most non-professional burglars and give you some peace of mind. Reputable companies will install and maintain a system that will ring an alarm on the premises and silently signal the company's headquarters for dispatching the police.

Dogs are the second best security system for your home. Dogs can scare a stranger away by either barking or looking fierce. But there are chances that dogs might attack or injure an innocent visitor, so to avoid such instances dogs should be kept in a fenced area.

Your personal security while you are away is as important as you are in the house. Do not be careless in taking or maintaining any security measures.

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