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Enforcer Electromagnetic Lock with 1200 Pound Holding Force

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Enforcer Electromagnetic Lock with 1200 Pound Holding Force

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List Price: $221.99
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Item Number: 77395
Manufacturer: SECO-LARM
Prevent unauthorized visitors from gaining entry to your home or business. This electromagnetic lock (mag-lock) mounts to your point of entry, keeping your door securely closed, with 1200 pounds of holding force, until you release the powerful magnet manually through your hardwired security system. When power is applied to the magnetic lock, it turns on the unit's powerful built-in electromagnet. The mag-lock is attracted to the steel armature plate, which is mounted on a door, holding the door fast against unauthorized entry. You can also control the Enforcer 1200 Pound Electromagnetic Lock with a standalone RF transmitter and receiver system. A 12VDC power supply is required and sold separately.

An L Bracket can be used for a secure installation where there isn't enough room to install the magnet on the door frame.

A Z Bracket can be used as a solid mounting option on inward swinging doors.

Mag-lock A Magnetic Lock, or mag-lock, is a device that uses the power of a strong electro-magnet to keep a door shut (or locked) until you authorize an interruption that will allow the door to open. This type of application is ideal for use with swinging, roll-up metal or glass doors because you can mount the armature directly to a door that will lock onto the electromagnet when engaged.