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How to Teach Your Child About Bike Safety

As you teach your child how to ride a bike, you should simultaneously teach them about bicycle safety. This will ensure that the child will enjoy riding the bike and also take precautions so as not to get hurt. You can teach your kid to ride safely if they observe several rules in a disciplined manner. You should teach children as per their age and maturity. Make them aware that everybody follows the rules on the road. It's also crucial that they know about traffic laws that help make road behavior predictable and safe.

Children must know at the earliest ages that it can be fatal to ride their bike across the street in front of a car. They must also be taught to always stop at stop signs when riding their bikes. They must know that traffic laws are set in place to help keep them safe. You can ensure bike safety for a child by setting these basic rules in place:

. Make children understand that they should avoid riding on the busier streets. They should always wait for a car to pass before resuming riding again.

. Caution them to ride only during daylight hours. Nighttime may not be safe enough for kids who are learning to ride. Tell them they ought to get help if they find themselves on their bikes when it turns dark.

. Get the child to make it a habit to look on both sides of the road at the stop sign before pedaling off again. Teach them to walk their bikes at the cross roads for added safety.

. Be extremely strict regarding the observance of rules and admonish the child if the rules are not being followed or if he is riding in an unruly manner on the streets. Have the child proceed on the street only when it's safe.

. Teach your child to listen to his own mind rather than succumbing to what friends are doing. Encourage him to make wise, independent choices. This is really important in teaching bicycle safety since children usually follow the crowd.

The best time to advise a child regarding traffic information is while you are driving a car. When the child is in the passenger seat, you can show how the traffic signs work and how to follow them exactly. The child also learns road sense at the same time.

It's also a good idea to pass on relevant information while walking on the road. This way you can show how traffic rules are exercised on the road. Traffic moving in opposite directions and at intersections will give them even more street sense. Let them observe how cars stop at the signals and when it's safe to cross over. Allow the child to feel the environment and learn things that they should keep in mind at all times.

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