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Identity Pal

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Identity Pal

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Item Number: 913IDP
Manufacturer: IdentityPal
The IdentityPal is a personal information storage device. Think of it as a waterproof, shockproof, 'digital dogtag'. If the IdentityPal carrier is ever to become lost, injured, or is unable to speak for themselves, the IdentityPal will serve as a means to identify them and provide relevant contact information immediately.

Note: This product is NOT compatible with Mac at this time.

Hands-On Research:

My six year old son has a heart condition that causes hypertension. If he was lost, I can't imagine him explaining "Coarctation of the Aorta" to a complete stranger, nor detailing the dosages of daily medication he has to have at certain intervals to regulate his blood pressure. For that matter, if you ask him where he lives he will tell you "in California", which is unlikely to get him home safely to me. Traditional ID tags can give an address, but not several emergency contacts and detailed medical information. The IndentityPal could literally be a lifesaver for him.


The IdentityPal is a USB data storage device used to aid in the retrieval of detailed medical records, pet owner details, and contact information in the event of an emergency.


The unit comes pre-installed with easy-to-use identification templates. The templates are to be filled out with any amount of identification information that suits your specific needs. Information is read-only without password. IdentityPal software is Windows-based, extremely user-friendly, and resembles Outlook in design.


The IdentityPal can warn of existing medical conditions, allergies, current medications, and also serve as a complete portable database of medical records (and insurance information) for use during medical care. Have peace of mind while your child is away at school, a friend's house, the shopping mall, amusement park, and especially while traveling. The IdentityPal is also the first hi-tech luggage tag, and a thorough pet ID tag, complete with information about your pet's medical history. Also a personal database for documents and records.

Security For Documents

If the intended application of your IdentityPal is for personal use, you may include sensitive information that you would not like to be exposed (such as certain medical or legal records). To protect your information from ever being lost or stolen, you have the option to password-encrypt your information with 128-bit AES (Advanced Encyption Standard). Unlike the majority of "Find your child or pet" products, no information is stored online-just waiting to be hacked into, only in the IdentityPal itself.


The software pre-installed on the IdentityPal allows you to edit templates and customize however you wish. You can even create new templates to suit any use. Simple, voice-guided instructions are included to guide you through the process.

When Found

IdentityPal will autorun; feature will automatically launch the included information-retrieval software (no installation necessary). The software dialogs will prompt the end user with immediate medical and contact information. A series of quick, simple tutorials will guide the user through the software and show them how to obtain the information they require to assist the IdentityPal holder based on the particular situation.