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Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Camera with 24 IR LEDs

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Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Camera with 24 IR LEDs

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List Price: $142.99
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Item Number: 7092
Manufacturer: Atrix, Inc.

Increase your home security by installing a high quality surveillance bullet camera on your property that will work indoors or outdoors, day or night. While the Indoor/Outdoor Color Bullet Camera is perfectly suited for indoor applications, it has an IP65 weatherproof rating along with a rugged die-cast aluminum body, a sunscreen, and vandal-resistant construction, the camera ensures reliable operation in just about any outdoor environment. Additionally, 24 IR LED lights are built in so you can expect to get a quality image of up to 50 feet with a viewing angle of 92 at night with 0 lux (no light). The 1/3" Sony CCD image sensor provides an excellent resolution at 480 TV lines. An adjustable mounting bracket is included making installation a breeze. This product requires the use of a power supply and a video/power cable, each sold separately.

Connect to a Digital Video Recorder

Old video surveillance systems used to require a remote access system, a camera multiplexer; a time-lapse VCR, and an unlimited supply of videotapes for remote viewing and digitally storing video from a multi-camera system. Now you can get the capabilities of all those products in one with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). By connecting up to four Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Cameras to a DVR, you will be able to record and review video footage of activity around your property. You can even remotely access your video footage using a Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR).


Infrared (IR) cameras can pick up images in total darkness. Most IR cameras send out a reflective IR light emitting diode (LED) illuminator which can not be seen by the human eye. This light reacts with an object which in turn puts out a low frequency image. That image can then be picked up by the camera in low-light and no light areas. The greater the number of IR LED illuminators, the greater the power of the camera. The Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Camera has 30 IR LEDs.


Lux rating is the amount of minimum illumination that a camera can have and still pick up an image, 0 being the lowest, or no light. So the closer the lux rating is to 0, the better the camera will operate in no light or low light situations. The Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Camera can pick up images in 0.0 lux with the LEDs on.


Resolution is the amount of horizontal TV lines that make up a picture, so the higher the number of the resolution, the better clarity your picture will have. Note that the monitor or recording device you use must have a resolution equal to or greater than the resolution of the camera, as it will do you no good to have a camera that can output in 540 lines of resolution but have a monitor or recording devices that only picks up images at 300 lines of resolution. The Indoor/Outdoor Vandal Resistant Color Dome Camera has 480 lines of resolution.

Ingress Protection Rating

Ingress Protection (IP) is rating for electronic products as it relates to the amount of sealing they have against the entry of solid and liquid objects. Complete details of this standard can be obtained from the IEC. This uniform and widely acknowledged classification system provides equipment designers and specifying agents with a convenient and reliable method of comparing relative levels of sealing between competing (connector) products. In its simplest form, the classification system consists of the letters "IP" followed by two separate digits, which denote increasingly greater sealing from solid objects and from water. The Indoor/Outdoor Color Bullet Camera has a rating of IP65. The number '6' refers to the degree of protection against access to hazardous parts and ingress of solid objects, 6 is the highest rating at "dust tight; complete protection against contact". The number '5' refers to the degree of protection against the ingress of water, the number 5 is out of a possible 8 and states "Water projected by a nozzle against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect (water jets).