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I/O Linc - INSTEON Keypad Control Kit

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I/O Linc-INSTEON Keypad Control Kit

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List Price: $175.99
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Item Number: 24950B1
Manufacturer: SmartLabs Design
The I/O Linc - INSTEON Keypad Control Kit enhances your INSTEON network by giving you the ability to operate INSTEON-controlled devices via a numeric code. By entering a numeric code into the keypad, you can have INSTEON-controlled lights and appliances turn on (or off) via the main relay output on the keypad which communicates through the included I/O Linc. A secondary relay output is also built-in to the keypad that can be activated via a numeric code to perform other tasks such as unlocking a door, activating an alarm, or simply opening your garage. What's more, you can use both relay simultaneously with the same code and the relays can be adjusted to remain energized from one to 98 seconds. Additionally, the keypad can be used in toggle mode which (could) alternate turning a light or device on and off with each correct code entry. The keypad can be programmed with 56 individual access codes (up to 100 million possible codes) each assigned to an authorized individual user or to a group of users. While the keypad is designed to for indoor use, it can be used in protected areas outdoors where it will not receive direct exposure to the elements. A surface-mount box is included or it can be flush-mounted in a standard single-gang junction box. How it Works Mount the keypad in an appropriate location and connect the included power supply. Using the 20 Foot 2 Conductor, 22-Gauge/AWG Interconnect Wire, connect the keypad to the I/O Linc - INSTEON Low Voltage / Contact Closure Interface. Once installed, program the keypad and I/O Linc. Once complete, users can type in a numeric code and upon authentication, the I/O Linc will send an INSTEON command to linked INSTEON devices such as Dimmers and Switches, Wire-in/Outlet Modules and/or Plug-in Modules or to unlock almost any hardwired 12V DC door lock (under 500mA), such as an electronic door strike or an electromagnetic lock (locks sold separately).