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Top 10 Baby Monitors

A baby monitor may not be a substitute for your physical presence but it is a very useful device when you have to leave the baby by itself for sometime. Baby monitors allow you to be aware of noises made by infants in your absence.

Baby monitors are simple unidirectional transmitter and receiver systems that allow you to listen to sounds made by a baby when you are not there. Equipped with a microphone, the device properly alerts you regarding the baby's noises or cries.

These devices are meant to warn mothers about the infant's wakeful state and to keep track of them while sleeping. The device is especially useful if you are worried about crib deaths or sudden infant deaths. Some baby monitors are bidirectional, making use of two-way transceivers, allowing even the mother to communicate back to the baby. This parent talk-back mode is quite handy. Others have a feature allowing music to be played on the transmitter, thus soothing the child.

Pediatricians often do recommend such supervision if there is no one to help you raise your new born infant. The device creates a sense of security in the absence of babysitters. The baby monitor alerts you when the baby wakes up or cries.

There are several types of monitors, from simple to state-of-the-art devices. The basic ones allow you to listen to the sounds from your baby's room. Others let your baby listen to your voice from another room. Some are mobile and can be shifted from room to room along with your baby. The high-end ones have a video facility allowing you to see your baby on a screen and some send out an alarm if your baby's breathing is interrupted.

Baby monitors are really needed if your baby happens to be suffering from breathing problems or even conditions like asthma or sleep apnea. In these situations the baby needs to be monitored constantly. The baby monitor alerts you regarding prolonged gaps in breathing patterns. And this is where the usefulness of the device is especially helpful to combat such life-threatening situations. The baby monitor is also a boon to help avoid unexplained sudden infant death syndrome.

Here is a list of the top ten baby monitors:

1 Philips Baby Monitor with DECT technology.
2 Evenflo Whisper Connect Tria Baby Monitor
3 BebeSounds Angelcare Movement and Sound Monitor
4 Fisher Price Sounds and Light Baby Monitor
5 MobiCam Color Video Baby Monitor
6 Fisher Price Private Connection Baby Monitor
7 Safety 1st Color View Video Baby Monitor
8 Summer Infant Two-Room Scanning Video Baby Monitor
9 Graco iMonitor Digital Baby Monitor
10 BebeSounds Voice-Activated Baby Monitor with Lights

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