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Top 10 Fire Safety Items for the Home

Fire safety items are essential life-saving devices that you should have in your home. They will come in handy in case of accidental fires. Often, local building codes make it mandatory to have these products. Fire-fighting items are useful to have at the workplace, residences and in vehicles too. It is a fact that devastating fires most often occur at night in residential locations. Most are accidental mishaps that cause people to be overcome by smoke or trapped in fires.

It is therefore essential for all homes to have basic fire safety items to prevent this from happening. Here are the top ten fire safety items that you should have in your home:

1 The most essential item to have is smoke alarms. Smoke detectors give an early warning through alarms, alerting people before the fire has a chance to turn into a more severe fire. Ensure that you have installed good basic battery-operated smoke alarms. These devices are powerful and cost-effective fire detection and alarm systems that save lives and property.

2 You must have a preplanned escape route that all family members are aware of. This should include routes that allow people to get out quickly. As part of this, you should purchase a ladder to provide an additional escape route. Ladders are great for a quick, dependable and secure escape from a house fire.

3 Fire extinguishers are the best fire safety product for extinguishing a small fire before it becomes uncontrollable. You should have a 1 or 2kg powder or 2l foam fire extinguisher for your home. This would give you multipurpose coverage and versatility.

4 You should also have a fire blanket for kitchen use as this is one of the most cost-effective fire safety products around. Fire blankets are helpful in putting out a minor fire. It is ideal for cooking fires and can be used to wrap around people if their clothes catch fire.

5 Install a car fire extinguisher inside your vehicle as it would be handy in case of accidental fires. Having a 1kg or 2kg powder extinguisher could make the difference between life and death in the event of an accident. These help prevent small fires from getting out of control and can save you and your vehicle from serious harm.

6 Install a sprinkler system inside your house that automatically deals with the situation in case of a fire. These innovative sprinkler systems come with components that include pipes and fittings.

7 Products such as fire-retardant paint can also be used to help stop a fire from either commencing or spreading. They are useful in kitchens and in basements.

8 Refill extinguishers as soon as possible once they have been used. Follow all maintenance regulations and monitor the pressure gauge to ensure correct pressure. Keep shaking it to prevent the powder from settling.

9 Always know where the water mains in the garden or exterior are located so that you have quick access to water. Have additional water hoses and pipes in your home for fast and convenient access.

10 Have a fixed place for fire extinguisher stands and cabinets. Also, have fire safety signs around. A fire safety training DVD should be seen by family members after periodic fire drill practices.

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