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Top 10 Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe at Home

Here you will find some useful tips on toddler safety both indoors and outdoors:

1. Kids Safety in The Family Room:

Remove all small objects such as buttons, beads, marbles, coins, knives, household cleaners, medicines and vitamins. Properly lock all the cabinets which are within reach of your kid. Keep electrical cords out of reach and use outlet covers. Do not forget to use safety gates on stairs.

2. Kids Safety in the Bathroom:

Install safety gates or locks in the bathroom to prevent temptation. Check bath water temperature. Never leave your toddler in the bathtub alone. Avoid keeping large buckets or containers of liquid around as toddlers can drown. Lock all bathroom cabinets.

3. Kids Safety in the Bedroom:

Use a safe crib with a snug-fitting mattress that cannot get pulled away from the corners. The crib should have two-inch of gaps, so the child's head cannot get stuck. Never place the crib near a window. Remove all drapery and blind cords from around the crib. Never lock a toddler into a room.

4. Kids Safety in the Kitchen:

Remove all small items as they can easily be lodged in a toddler's throat. Be careful with any containers with hot liquids. Keep all the cords wrapped tightly with a twist tie. Store cleaning fluids in locked cabinets. Don't allow access into pantries.

5. Kids Safety in the Yard:

Make sure the backyard is safe by having a soft surface underneath. Always fence the yard. Keep kiddie-pools drained when not in use. Keep power tools and garden equipment safe and out of reach as the same holds true for insecticides.

6. Kids Safety in the Car:

Always place your toddler in the backseat of the car with a properly installed rear-facing child car seat that meets all safety standards and regulations. Set safety practices with the opening/shutting of car doors to avoid smashed-finger injuries.

7. Kids Safety with Toys:

Buy only age-appropriate toys for your toddler. Small toys and toy parts can choke young children. When in doubt, use a small parts tester or choke tube.

8. Safety Tips for Toddlers:

Use furniture with rounded corners or cover sharp corners with homemade or store-bought corner guards. Do not use table clothes when toddlers are around.

9. Safety Tips for Children:

Never run fans on the floor with a toddler around as their fingers are small and can enter the grill area of the fan.

10. Safety Tips for Kids:

Install glow-in-the-dark stair nosing to make your staircase as visible as possible for the toddlers. Always keep floors clean and vacuumed.

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