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Visonic True Digital 60lb Pet Immune PIR - VI-PET

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Visonic True Digital 60lb Pet Immune PIR-VI-PET

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Item Number: 73945
Manufacturer: Visonic
The Vi-Pet is a microprocessor-controlled pet-immune PIR detector, designed for easy installation, free of vertical adjustment. It features a combination of Fresnel and cylindrical lens elements with high detection sensitivity beginning at 0.5 meter away from the detector up to a distance of 12 meters (40ft) and full temperature compensation. As a pet immune motion detector, the detector utilizes TSI (Target Specific Imaging) technology that ensures immunity to pets weighing up to 27 kg (60 lb). The advanced True Motion recognition algorithm allows the Vi-Pet to distinguished between the true motion of an intruder and any other disturbances which cause false alarms. A TST (Test) input permits switching the detector to the walk test mode remotely without removing the front cover. An on-board motion event jumper determines whether 1 or 2 consecutive motion events triggers an alarm. Features True Digital FM processing (DSP) ensures foremost detection accuracy TSI imaging and pet immunity up to 60 pounds 3D cylindrical optics eliminates "dead" spots and provides creep coverage Provides industry's best catch performance, stability and reliability 40' x 40' 90 coverage with lookdown while allowing full pets full roam. Selectable pulse count 1 or 2 with TEST input for reliable remote walk test Small size for easiest installation location