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How to Shop for Safety Goggles

Protecting your eyes is of paramount importance. Safety goggles are used to protect your eyes in a number of situations and environments. Safety goggles are a necessity for all kinds of activities, including working in a lab with dangerous chemicals to working in a steel plant. These goggles offer protection from flying objects, chemicals, heat and more.

Remember these important points and useful tips when you purchase safety goggles:

1 The most important component of a pair of safety goggles is the lens material. Different materials offer different levels of clarity, impact resistance and scratch resistance.

2 Always choose eye goggles specifically made from shatter-proof plastic or polycarbonate material. This material should wrap around your head, protecting your eyes from any projectiles that may come at an angle.

3 Purchase a pair of goggles which carry ventilation slits along the sides, this will prevent fogging within your safety glasses. If you tend to wear goggles for a longer period of time, shop for a pair of goggles that offer reliable air flow.

4 Try to purchase over-sized safety goggles for use with any prescription eyewear that you may have to wear. You'll also be able to find customized goggle frames with prescription lenses. Or even if it does not initially match your face size or contour, larger plastic goggles can be made to fit over your existing glasses.

5 When choosing frames, consider their overall size, which should be in proportion to the size of your face. Frames that are too large or too small will fail to provide adequate protection; make sure the frames fit properly.

6 Shop for safety goggles by visiting various websites and only purchase safety goggles of the most popular brands to ensure optimal safety. Pure titanium frames are the lightest available; great for long-distance reading. UV coating and anti-scratch coating should also be featured in most goggle models.

7 For the best in aesthetics, it is best to choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape; angular-shaped faces look better with rounder frames. Softer, fuller faces are enhanced with sharper-edged frame shapes.

8 Indirect vents allow for air circulation but keep hazardous liquids out. Direct vent goggles potentially allow liquids to reach the eye and are suitable for protection against flying particles only.

9 Polycarbonate lenses are the most popular for safety goggles. These lenses offer high-impact resistance and are among the lightest offered. Look for coated lenses to offset scratch damage and UV protection for outdoor use.

10 When shopping for safety goggles, look for lenses that meet or exceed the guidelines laid out by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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